An interview with Max Neuhaus
    F. Marulanda Rey, 2002
  From Where I Am
    John Hudak, 2001
Duration 45:12
  Edison´s Laboratory
    Scott Arford and Thomas Dimuzio, 2001
Duration: 47:52
  Pepp-effekten - Autogen Trening
    fon, 2001
  wind-up beast
    christian science minotaur, 2001

    fon, 2001

    ivar, 2001

    la plage, 2001

  bertrams room
    em, 2001

    Geoff Dugan, 2000
Psychogeographical recording. 32kbs
  Six Orbits
    Michael Schumacher,
Analog and digital samples 32kbs
    Joshua Fried, 2001
Commercial radio samples 32Kbs
    Werkzeug, 2000

  radio concrete
    ErikM, 2000
Recorded at WKCR, 09/15/2000
  Improv suite for 4 Cds on Dean Roberts records
    Achim Wollscheid, 2001
Sounds extracted from a record collection
  Transfigured Night
    Liminal, 3/11/2000
Danny Blume, Ben Penowsky, Chris Kelly. Live at
WKCR. Thanks to Federico Marulanda Rey.
  Prototype 1
    Carsten Nicolai, 2000
recorded 02/25/2000 at the Guggenheim
    Kotai+Mo, 1998
Music Department
  Coco Fusco
    Ricardo Dominguez, 1999
Cultural Hacktivism
Part 1 of 2
  Coco Fusco
    Ricardo Dominguez, 1999
Part 2 of 2
  Good World [4]
    WMF and soundlab, 1999
Highfish&Diringer, Manuela Krause, plus soundlab.
  Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers
    The User, 1999

  Jardin von Uslar
    Staehle/Pocock, 1999
Here come the frogs....
    Mark Amerika, 1999

  Axonometric [1]
    DJ Spooky, 1999
Do You Believe In Ghosts? Part One.
  Axonometric [2]
    DJ Spooky, 1999
Do You Believe In Ghosts? Part Two. Are the lights out?
  Art and Networks
    C5, 1999
C5 Research-Theorists: Joel Slayton, Lisa Jevbratt, Brett Stalbaum, Jan
Ekenberg, and Geri Wittig.
  What A Dull Day
    Throbbing Gristle, 1975

  Hamburger Lady
    Throbbing Gristle, 1975

    Throbbing Gristle, 1996

  Douglas Rushkoff
    EDT Interview, 1999
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Infowar.
  Officeradio [the mix]
    The Thing, 1999
Your call may be monitored for quality assurance...
The saga of the cut T1.
  Manuel De Landa [1]
    Interview by EDT, 1999
Part One: Strategies vs. tactics...
  Manuel De Landa [2]
    Interview by EDT, 1999
Part Two: Meshworks and military history of mirroring the enemy.
  Manuel De Landa [3]
    Interview by EDT, 1999
Part Three: De Landa´s critique of resistance and its uses.
  Mixx9 28kb
    DJ Spindry, 1999

    David Weissburg, 1998

  Bob´s Media Ecology
    Producers For Bob, 1992
Hand Signals for the Blind
    Louise Bourgeois, 1995
Louise raps.
    Christian Marclay, 1997

  Mixx6 80kb
    DJ Spindry, 1998
80kb stream... for dual ISDN, satelite or cable modems
  Mixx5 28kb
    DJ Spindry, 1998

  Mixx4 28kb
    DJ Spindry, 1988

  Off The Hook
    Y Pants, 1980
Barbara Ess, Verge Piersol, Gail Vachon. From "Y Pants" EP, 99 Records 1980 produced by Glenn Branca.
    John Oswald, ca 1994

  Cabin 9 Dub
    Circle X, 1994

  Some Things Don´t Grow Back
    Circle X, 1994

  Sum Ill Shit from NYC
    DJ Spooky, 1998
Scratch and match collage.
    DJ Papa, 1998

  Mixx2 28kb
    DJ Spindry, 1998

  Mixx1 28kb
    DJ Spindry, 1998

  Mixx3 28kb
    DJ Spindry, 1998

  networks as instrumental ideologies
    hakim bey, 1998
interview with hakim bey by v. muzhesky (the thing)
  We Like To Play Rock and Roll
    The Unband, 1994
American Beer-Drinking Kiss-Loving Fucking Punk Rock Band
  Sun Tada
    Tadanoshin, 1998

  I Won´t Cry
    Gunga Din, 1998

  Gilded Cage
    Gunga Din, 1998

  Beuys Best
    Kippenberger/Kubinski, 1995
Ja, ja, ja, nee, nee, nee.
  Cryin´ Blues
    Little Porkchop, 1998

    Bush Tetras, 1997

  Color Green
    Bush Tetras, 1997

  Four Violins
    Tony Conrad, 1964
Early Minimalism, Four Violins
  May 1965
    Tony Conrad, 1965
Early Minimalism, May 1965
  June 1965
    Tony Conrad,
Early Minimalism, June 1965
  April 1965
    Tony Conrad, 1965
Early Mimimalism
April 1965
  Prudence, R.S.V.P.
    International Bankers, 1997
from illegal art
  No Pain, No Gain
    International Bankers, 1997
More illegal soundz.
  Broome Street Traffic Jam
    GH and Sinclair, 1997
Text to Speech meets New York taxi cab! Head on!
  Fourth of July
    GH and Sinclair, 1997
You figure it out. Hey GH, what about emailing me some descriptions!
  Talkin Mac Blues
    GH and Sinclair, 1997
MacBlues for computers that
are feeling way down and out.
    Steve Parrino, Trudy Reiss and Jennifer Sirey, 1997
Live performance from THE THING garage in Chelsea! June 21, 1997