Die Wiese is OK
    Agnes Meyer-Brandis,
Fazit: Die Wiese ist OK
  The Thing Returns
    ThingProductions, 2003
Saturday, 06/28/03, 4am:
Darrel and Wolfgang bring home the marooned servers. Camera: Wolfgang Staehle, Postproduction: Verena Knoll.
    Hans Winkler, 2003

    CandidaTV and Indymedia, April 2002
A report from the internationals at
the Deheishe Camp (Bethlehem)
  Robots and Residents
    THE THING, Tuesday May 28 2002
A robotic performance and conversation with
Guy Van Belle (Belgium),
The Institute for Applied Autonomy(NY),
and Amorphic Robots Works (NY).
Info war
  etoy.com vs eToys.com
Toywar documentary
  New York Beat
    Lugus & Staehle, 1981
Interview with Glenn O´Brien. Mudd Club, NYC.
  Collider #38
    VinylVideo, 2000
GH with Gebhard Sengmueller
  Collider #37
    etoy 2000,
guests:Taki and Zai
  10001 #2
    GH and Douglas Kelly, 2000
Video from the Armory Fair and the "Greater New York" Show at PS1.
  Collider #36
    GH Hovagimyan, 2000
GH interviews Whitney new media curator Christiane Paul.
    Gebhard Sengmueller, 1999
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    Collider Productions, 2000
GH visits Paik show at the Guggenheim.
Studio guests: Cesare Pietroiusti and
Wolfgang Staehle
  Super Mario Sleeping
    Miltos Manetas, 1999
Yup, that´s what it is.
    Daniel Pflumm, 1999
    Daniel Pflumm, 1999
Questions & Answers
  Caracas Miss Something
    Roberto Cabot, 1999
From the humbot excursion.
  Digital Jam
    CNNfn, 1999
Steven Young interviews Ricardo Dominguez and Wolfgang Staehle
  Etoy Press Conference at MoMA
    TTNews, 12/20/1999
Includes speech by Meszoly, most of Rushkoff and some other impressions... until the camera battery ran out
  Times Square
    Crowded Theater, 1999
Is there going to be a Military Takeover of New York City on New Years Eve 1999?

  Starring [1]
    Heidrun Holzfeind, 1999
Starring Rulie Noyola (Merea el pum-pum by Rulie Noyola)
  10 Years After
    Waling Boers and Thomas Wulffen, 1999
Berlin Culture Clash. A talk with Mareike Dittmer, Cottbus and Agnes Wegner, Rostock.
  Starring [2]
    Heidrun Holzfeind, 1999
Jimmy James (Cool me down by Jimmy James)
  Starring [3]
    Heidrun Holzfeind, 1999
Hal Beckoff (City of New Orleans by Andrew Goodman)
  Starring TV Clips
    Heidrun Holzfeind, 1999
Dance takes
  TV Party Trailer
    Glenn O´Brien with Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, 1981
Another gem from the Videoblitz collection.
    GH with Mark Napier, 1999
The man behind The Shredder.
    GH and RG, 1999
Rainer Ganahl talks in foreign tongues.
    GH&TheThing, 1999
Guests James Andrews, Tamas Banovich, Wolfgang Staehle, Stacy Pershall, Scott Patterson.
    G.H. with Ricardo Dominquez, 1999
Infowar Projections.
    G.H. with Jarryd Lowder, 1999
An intuitive spinning of audio/video tracks.
    G.H. with Wolfgang Staehle, 1999
What I did over summer break. It´s buffering for a while due to a strange compression codec, but it will run eventually.
    Wolfgang Staehle, 1999
Media critic Aurora Loro speaks about the lens, the eye and Plato´s cave.
    G.H. with Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, 1999
Creators of AIRWORLD, a metaCorp skimming the
surface of Technology in Business.
    James Andrews talks with G.H., 1999
The show´s creator talks about some of his other projects.
  Come Taste My Hand
    Kathy Acker, 1999
A tribute to the queen of postmodern piracy, Kathy Acker (1947-1997).
    G.H. chats it up with Marianne Macy, 1999
Marianne Macy is a New York based writer and the author of Working Sex.
    G.H. interviews Maciej Wisniewski, 1999
Author of the netomat meta-browser.
    G.H. talks with Tim Whidden, 1999
Founding member of M.T. ART ASSOCIATES, producers of non-spectator performance art.
    Gh talks with Jeanne van Heeswijk, 1999
Dutch artist explores New York´s artists´ spaces in collaboration with Martin Lucas.
    GH Hovagimyan and Jon Ippolito, 1999
J. Ippolito is an artist and a new media curator
of the Guggenheim Museum
    GH Hovagimyan & Jenelle Porter, 1999
GH Talks with Jenelle Porter, curator at Artists´ Space.
Includes clips of videos from the current show,
Cold Drinks.
    GH Hovagimyan & Jennifer Dalton, 1999
Jennifer Dalton talks about her eBay project at Steffany Martz.
  Hermaphrodite Bikini
    Clio Barnard, 1995
A story about a bra is recounted in a kitchen while angels with butterfly wings
swing in a garden.
  All You Can Eat
    Michael Brynntrup, 1993
Safe sex in the 70s. Bigger than life in 35mm. All you can eat in 5 min.
  No Sunshine
    Bjorn Melhus, 1997
A short story about new bodies, the power of denial and a state of no sunshine.
  Collider#20 (4/8/99)
    Joseph Nechvatal, 1999
Gh talks with Joseph Nechvatal
  GPO2000 Interview
    Egon Zippel and Francesco Scarpelli, 1999
Genesis P Orridge hijacked by DNA.
    Prema Murthy, 1999
Prema talks about Bindigirl
    Janos Sugar, 1999
Are Hungarian men better lovers?
  Camel Express
    Wolfgang Staehle, 1991
Gulf war media coverage collage
    GH Hovagimyan, 1999
Antoinette LaFarge
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Will be salvaged somehow soon.
    Skip Arnold, 1984
see title
  Hello Goodbye
    Skip Arnold, 1984
See title.
    Skip Arnold, 1986
Skip competes with neighbor´s dog in barking contest.
  Hood Ornament
    Skip Arnold, 1992
Skip on the hood of truck. Close-ups are a bit faded and there´s no police for a change.
    Robin Murphy, 1999
Murph´s story.
  Circle´s Short Circuit
    Caspar Stracke, 1998
with John Kelly, Kyle DeCamp, Charles Duval, Avita Ronell. director of photography: James Carman. music by: Hahn Rowe, David Linton, Koosil-ja, Owen o´Toole, DJ Olive+Paul Schuetze
  Miyata Jiro
    Momoyo Torimitsu, 1999
Three "commercials"
    Rainer Ganahl, 1999
GH Hovagimyan talks with Rainer Ganahl about "Doppeloeffentlichkeit"
    Blackhawk, 1999
Blackhawk discusses socioculture and media theory
    Ricardo Dominguez, 1998
trad!t!on ov dze travel!ng s!rkuz kont!nuez
    Cary Peppermint, 1998
Performance artist
    Peter Fend, 1998
GH talks with the internationally renowned eco-artist
  Harvest Moon
    Claire Jervert,
TV show audience shots
  Exercises In Talking
    G.H. & Sinclair, 1998
Laptop computers on radio
controlled vehicles. They sing! Performance recorded at Postmasters Gallery, NY.
  Catch A Beat
    Michael Holman, 1981
Rock Steady Crew. Another Oldie from the Videoblitz Collection.
  Videoblitz TV
    Abrahamson, Holman, Sedar/Giuliano, Pollack/Staehle, 1984
Oldies from the Videoblitz Collection.
    GH and Peter Sinclair, 1998
GH quizzes musician/sound artist Peter Sinclair
    GH and Marisa Bowe, 1998
GH interviews Marisa Bowe, editor of word.com
  Collider#5: Miltos Manetas
    GH Hovagimyan, 1998
GH interviews artist Miltos Manetas
  Collider#4, 10.22.98
    GH Hovagimyan, 1998
GH interviews Paul Garrin of name.space.
  Collider#3, 10.15.98
    GH Hovagimyan, 1998
GH interviews Manuel Schilcher of THE THING and Manfred Wuits of YUMYUUM.
    Carl Dreyer, 1931
Carl Dreyer, 1931 (silent). Just try to guess the
subtitles or get some magnifying glasses!
  Collider#2, 10.08.98
    G.H. Hovagimyan, 1998
G.H. interviews LA artist Stephan Pascher
  Collider#1, 10.01.98
    GH Hovagimyan, 1998
G.H. Hovagimyan interviews Wolfgang Staehle
  Plane of Immanence
    Vladimir Mushezky, 1997
Autonomous media tactics from around the globe(56K version only).
  Bringing It To You
    ®tmark, 1998
®tmark brings anti-
corporate sabotage
into the marketplace.
  Space Party
    Apocalyptic Optic, 1985
With Ann Magnuson, John Sex, Kenny Scharf.
  Concrete TV #2
    Ron Rochelieu, 1998
Sex And Violence. Ron´s recombinant TV show.
  Operation Goldrausch
    AlienTV #1, 1996
AlienTV Crew smuggles chocolate into Switzerland
  The Fly
    Nina Brudermann, 1996
The inexplicable performance of a fly.
  Media Archive
    Geert Lovink, 1998
Geert Lovink introduces Media Archive.
  The Fights
    Gregory Green, 1986
Early industrial era gladiators in combat.
  Stair Trip
    Thom Merrick, 1998
He´s painting. Again.
  Carwash Girls
    Sylvie Fleury, 1995
Sylvie´s Cadillacs get hosed.
    Sylvie Fleury, 1992
All of Sylvie´s gazillion shoes...
  More Shine, More Volume
    Sylvie Fleury, 1995
We didn´t know the title of this one, so we made it up...
  Song of Sand II
    Nils P. Molvaer, 1997
From the album Khmer. Music Video
    Thom Merrick, 1996
paints his way down the highway.
    Vanessa Beecroft, 1997
A study of Jesse.
    Vanessa Beecroft, 1997
Performance at the
ICA London.
  Santa Fe
    Vanessa Beecroft, 1998
Curious, yellow.
  d.s. may 1994
    Peter Land, 1994

  6. februar 1994
    Peter Land, 1994
Disco girls
  Interview with Valie Export
    Kevin Mccoy, 1997

    Francesca da Rimini and Josephine Starrs, 1997

    Lexy Funk and Vahap Avshar, 1997

    Emil Memon, 1998

  We can and we do
    Ron Rochelieu, 1997

  The Deadman
    Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn, 1990

  The Society of the Spectacle
    Guy Debord,

  Gray Goo Lounge
    Dike Blair, 1994

  A Relief
    Noritoshi Hirakawa, 1997
What it says.
    Aki Fujiyoshi, 1994
For the data archeologist, The Thing BBS 1993.
  DocumentaX Pigs
    Trockel and Hoeller, 1997 TAG/TRAUM

  The Artwork in the age of its mechanical reproducibility
    Keith Sanborn, copyright 1936 by Jayne Austen
FBI Meets Jack The Knife
    F.W. Murnau, 1921
With Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schroeder-Matrey