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News, announcements, projects links, gossip, rants and raves. Everyone is welcome to post here and engage in shameless self-promotion. You donīt need to include html tags when posting links in this board. [unfiltered]

The Thingīs inhouse mailing list: Art, new media, old media, hacktivism, biotech... you name it. To actively participate in the list you have to subscribe to it - check the footer of a message for info. [list archive]

A forum about the interrelations of cyberfeminism, new technologies and globalization. Moderators: Irina Aristahrkova, Maria Fernandez, Coco Fusco and Faith Wilding. [list archive]

lossless video
video art criticism, lossless and anti-anti-aliased - discussion only. video art - as in single channel-, multi channel-, interactive-, live- streaming - etc. more info at [list archive]

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a mailing-list about digital and telematics revolutions in audio and art. Moderator: Jerome Joy. Project since June 1996 at [list archive]